Kathleen Hall is an expert on the topics of stress, mindfulness, and mindful living. As the creator of the Mindful Living Network, Hall has been a practicing stress expert for many years sharing her years of practice and study. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Kathleen Hall quotes ever recorded. Feel free to share them to inspire, educate and entertain others. To make it easy for you, please check out this page that contains some custom graphics you can download and share on any social media platform or website.

“True happiness is the ultimate feeling of freedom.”

“Life is a classroom not a prison.”

“In our country that champions freedom we wear “golden shackles” of our own making.”

“Our worries are not real but worrying will rob you of a real life.”

“Happiness is scarce because few of us intentionally choose it. We sit and wait for it to happen.”

“Stop. Take a deep breath. Listen to the perfect rhythm of your heart. Your life is one note in the great symphony of life.”

“In our culture pleasure is disguised as “true happiness,” but it is just an illusion, just as so many of the ghosts we continue to chase in our life.”

“Happy people have an attitude of gratitude no matter what circumstances they face. Happiness is inextricably linked to gratitude and reverence for life.”

“Choosing happiness is about being the hero of your life, not the victim. ”

“True happiness is found in the simple, mundane, and ordinary moments of your life. Happiness can be discovered only when you stop and begin to listen to what is really important in your life.

“On the journey to true happiness it is crucial to observe and listen to nature.”

“Surrender is the perfect tool to discover your true life’s purpose.”

“When you choose to live a life of compassion you will experience true happiness through every season of your soul.”

“The longer we ignore what our inner spark is calling us to do, the more elusive true happiness will become.”

“We come from the earth and are returned to the earth, inextricably woven into the fabric of nature.”

“Stress is our teacher; you can run for a while, but it will find a way to get your attention. “

“Anger separates us not only from those we love, but from ourselves.”