• “Life is a classroom not a prison.”

Dr Kathleen Hall is a pioneer in the Mindful Living movement of the 21st Century. She is the founder, CEO & fearless leader of the Mindful Living Network® & the Stress Institute®.  She is recognized as an authority in the field of stress management and is a corporate spokesperson on stress management for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Inc. and many others. Along with authoring four books, she has a Masters of Divinity, a Doctorate in Spirituality and a Bachelor of Science in Finance. She helped to create the Dukes Foundation that works with inner city children,and was President of the nonprofit Habersham Humane Society. She established Oak Haven, a 300-acres farm and built a health, education, and training center called The Hermitage that serves as a horse farm and shelter for abandoned animals. She facilitated cardiac rehabilitation programs, counseled and comforted people during hospice care, and continued to explore the concept of science meeting soul. You can learn more about the extraordinary and inspirational Dr Kathleen Hall by visiting her website, www.DrKathleenHall.com.